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Ethnographic Museum "Regole of Ampezzo"


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The collective ownership

Vicinie, regole, partecipanze, consorterie are only some of the names given to the diverse systems of collective ownership that still survive in many areas in Europe.
Systems where the bond between work, blood and earth is very strong and creates a peculiar civilization.

The Regole d'Ampezzo are an ancient system of rules that unite the Regolieri, the descendants of the original families.
The institution was created to regulate the relationship of Man/ with the natural environment and to ensure a respectful, collective, and sustainable use of the territory with the prosperity of the Ampezzo Community as the only scope.
The communion of forests and pastures is felt as a deep bond of solidarity that unites the original people.

The history of the Ampezzo regole gets lost in the centuries, it is the story of a choice of life: the community over the individual interests.