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Ethnographic Museum "Regole of Ampezzo"


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Entrance floor. Click on the clickable areas of the map to visualize the contents of the different sections.



piano seminterrato Basement


The sign of the family

Work tools, logs and often roof beams bear some essential carved or branded signs that distinguish the various families.

The ségn de ciaşa, sign of the family, was passed down to the first born male, while the other sons would add a small variation to the sign.
These symbols indicate the family one belongs to and represent a sort of open writing code. It consists in a combination of signs, mainly straight lines or angles, because they were carved or branded on wood or stone with a special iron tool, the fèr de ségn de ciaşa.

Though the signs are rather abstract , we may sometimes recognize the distinctive traits of the family. This is true for some ironmongers whose symbol is reminiscent of anvils and fire.

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