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Ethnographic Museum "Regole of Ampezzo"


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Museo Elisabettino

In 1909, on the initiative of some persons interested in local arts and culture, the Museo Elisabettino was created and dedicated to the Austrian Empress. In the early postwar period the Museum was renamed Museum of the Ampezzo Antiquity.
At first , the museum was located in the Ronco area, in the house of Tino Colli, one of the founders; later, it was moved where the present Townhall is sited and enriched with paintings and objects which were already there.
During the First World War, a grenade devastated the premises and part of the collection was lost.
In 1929, since it was not possible to find an exhibition space, the museum society was dissolved.
Part of the collection is now exhibited in the Museum of the Ampezzo Regole