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simboloMount Parei Conglomerate

These are the youngest rocks of the Dolomites and date back about 25 million years, to the Tertiary period. They consist of rounded pebbles of various nature and size, mixed with sands and the remains of shells, algae and sharks’ teeth, and are called Mount Parei Conglomerate.
The environment in which these rocks took shape can be imagined as a rather rough coastline with steep cliffs soaring high above the sea, interrupted by small valleys down which torrents carried detritus to the sea, creating new sections of beach. The Mount Parei Conglomerate was deposited horizontally at the mouth of valleys and on the sea-bed and consists of vertical strata. These vertical strata indicate both the deformation of the rocks in a period before the conglomerate was deposited and the beginning of the great upheavals that resulted in the creation of the Dolomites.

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