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The Collector - First part
foto The year is 1921. Twenty-year-old Mario Rimoldi, born in Cortina on 13 April 1900, and a student at the Catering School in Rome, starts taking an interest in art and, above all, buying a number of pictures. Back in Cortina, his love for "beautiful" things has strengthened and prompted him to look, with a keen and untiring eye, for new works of art.

A major milestone in this quest was his encounter with Filippo De Pisis in 1929. Cortina became a regular appointment for the artist and Rimoldi invested extensively in his paintings.
The works, exhibited in the privileged Hotel Corona, became so numerous that in the Sixties, a catalogue was compiled. When the first Italian Collectors' exhibition opened in 1941, the centre piece was Rimoldi's collection of about 700 works. In that same year, 150 copies were published of the “Raccolta d'arte di Mario Rimoldi” (Mario Rimoldi Art Collection) catalogue.

The untiring commitment of this man was not however restricted to collecting, but also involved the organisation of cultural activities in Cortina. It was thanks to him that various awards were established and he was a joint-founder of the Artistic Club. He also organised major exhibitions (Sironi, De Pisis, De Chirico), and was an active member and chairman of numerous institutions (Art School, Tourist Board, E.P.T., Unione Gente Italica, Musical Body...)

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