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Forestry Plan
It is the legal document where the forest property is registered according to surface and characteristics. The plan is updated every twelve years. It describes all the forests managed by the Regole in detail.
The forest property is arranged by homogeneous areas, called "forest parcels", and grouped by geographic districts.

The total amount of wood is about 800,000 cubic metres, corresponding to about 830,000 high trunk trees with diameters of over 20cm. The forests, mostly of conifers (spruce, larch, and pine trees) grow by about 20,000 cu.m. every year and only a small part of the trees are cut to be used as timber or firewood, so as to enable the forests to grow in size year after year.

The timber collected by the Regole ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 cu.m. a year, that is 25-30% of the total annual regrowth. 80% is sold as timber and 20% is used as firewood for domestic heating by the Regolieri.

Management of Collective Heritage

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