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Property and diverse uses
The Regole’s heritage does not consist in forests and pastures only, but also of several houses and buildings.
The offices are in the “Ciasa de ra Regoles”, a historical 18th century building located in the very heart of Cortina.

In the past the building served as local school. Nearly one hundred buildings stand over the lands of the Regole: shepherd huts and mountain inns, skiing facilities and service buildings for the staff. These immovable goods may be let or granted to third persons, but their uses and destinations must be supervised by the Regole.

The Dolomites above the pasturelands are property of the State and have been let to the Regole for about twenty years now. These lands, though already protected by the law, are not actually used, but are held in concession to prevent violations by private speculators because of the extraordinary scenic importance of the Dolomite massifs – the Tofane, Mount Cristallo, Croda Rossa, Croda da Lago, just to mention some.

Management of Collective Heritage

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