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The Council of the Regole Heritage
The Regole of Ampezzo are member of the National Council for Civic Uses of Collective Properties.
The National Council is a non-profit body which assembles all the communities using civic uses and civic properties, agricultural universities and collective properties. Its scope is the protection and promotion of these ancient juridical institutions with particular regard to economic, social, naturalistic, and cultural issues through research, initiatives and events to favour a better knowledge and understanding of natural and anthropic resources which are (or may be) held or used collectively by local communities.

The Council, based in Trento, was founded by the Italian Senate on 7th March 2006 and its activities draw inspiration from the Manifesto di Roma –the common declaration of the collective properties, approved by the Senate at the time of its foundation.

The Council is organized as a federal structure with regional Coordinating boards.

Management of Collective Heritage

Tree felling and sale of timber Forestry Plan Right to gather firewood
Pasture activities Property and diverse uses Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites Cultural Activities


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