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Cultural Activities
The Regole of Ampezzo support cultural activities to promote and safeguard the historic, scientific, and linguistic heritage of the Ampezzo community.

The Regole own three museums, namely, the Palaeontology Museum "Rinaldo Zardini" with the fossils of the Dolomites; Mario Rimoldi Modern Art Museum, which hosts one of the most important collections of the Italian Twentieth century art and the Ethnographic Museum of the Ampezzo Regole which exhibits the agroforestry traditions of the Ampezzo community through objects and images. Books and journals have been issued and conferences are periodically held to better understand and provide more detailed information on this age old institution.

Since 1990, the Regole have published their two-monthly journal "Ciasa de ra Regoles", with the aims to give detailed information on general issues and on the activities performed by the Regole. The publication features also historical and cultural articles, fruit of archive research, letters to the editor and news from the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites. The publication is sent free of charge to all the Regolieri and on request to all those who are interested.

Management of Collective Heritage

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