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The Italian Period
During the first World War, the entire Ampezzo frontline stood on the lands of the Regole. The whole area suffered serious damage by heavy shelling and the cutting of numerous trees. The Osteria of Ospitale belonging to the Regola Alta of Lareto was destroyed by grenades. At the end of the war, Ampezzo became part of the Reign of Italy and since 1923 has been part of the Belluno Province.

In 1927, a law to reorganize civic uses was issued. This law would completely ignore the Regole. In 1936, the Regole started a long law suit to obtain the recognition and assignment of their historical heritage.

After the second World War, the law on civic rules was still in force; hence a petition was filed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. The petition advocated that the1927 law could not apply to the Regole, special associations of a private kind. A committee sent by the Ministry to examine the matter rejected the appeal and ordered the cancellation of the promiscuity between the Regole and the Municipality.
By the resolution of 7th January, 1947, the Town council declared their willingness to acknowledge the historical rights of the Regole, cancel the promiscuity and grant the ownership of the lands.
Waiting for a conclusive settlement, the Regole and the Town council consociated for the temporary technical and administrative management of the agricultural, sylvan and pastoral properties in a special Association known as ASCoBA.
The case ended only in 1959, with the transaction: i.e., the cancellation of the promiscuity and the equitable distribution of forests and pasturelands between the Regole and the Municipality.

In 1962, when the historical ownership was restored, the Regole issued a new Laudo.
The law on the mountains of 1971 legally acknowledged both the single Regole and the new Comunanza of the Regole.
In the last thirty years, new state and regional laws have acknowledged the importance of the Regole, as an association able to manage the preservation and safeguard of natural resources as well as of the historical and cultural heritage.

The law issued by the Veneto Region in1990, decreed the creation of the Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites over part of the territory of the Regole; the park is directly managed by the Comunanza of the Regole d’Ampezzo.


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