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Right to gather firewood
Construction timber

The Regolieri may obtain timber for the construction, restoration and maintenance of their dwelling homes. This right, known as “internal use”, is still enjoyed in accordance with the regulations provided for by the Laudi, which have always been very clear on the matter. Construction timber is granted only for “ascertained family needs and not for industrial purposes”. Each year, the best timber coming from the annual felling of trees is kept aside for the Regolieri.


The Regolieri are entitled to a certain amount of firewood for domestic heating. The use of the špórer (cookstove) and the fornèl, the traditional wood burning stove tiled in majolica, is still widespread, often the main source of heating in Ampezzo homes.

The Laudo currently in force decrees that every family head is entitled to 7 cubic metres of firewood per year, plus 1 cubic metre for each member.

Firewood my either be collected by the Regolieri in the forests or delivered at home against payment of handling and transport expenses.

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