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Pasture activities
Pastures are managed by each single Regola and not by the Comunanza Regoliera.
Because the number of livestock led to summer pastures has dropped considerably, only four of the original eleven Regole Ampezzane still maintain Pasture activities, and four shepherd’s huts are currently being used: ra Stua and Federa on the higher pastures, Lareto and Pezié de Parù on the lower pastures.
Each Regola decides the number of livestock to be led to the mountain pastures during the summer and makes agreements with the breeders.

Nearly 400 cattle are hosted every year on the lands of the Regole, mainly calves and heifers, in addition there are over 700 sheep and some dozen heads of horses and goats. However, most of the animals are not from the Ampezzo valley and do not belong to the Regolieri, but to breeders of nearby valleys – Val Pusteria, Badia, and Livinallongo – who take their animals to these summer pastures.

Livestock breeders in Cortina are few and their contribution in number of heads does not satisfy pasture maintenance requirements.
In the past, leading animals out to summer pastures was fundamental to the lives of the Ampezzo families, whereas today grazing is mainly performed to maintain the pastoral, tourist, and environmental characteristics of the territory.
The Regole continue their secular activities by providing shepherds and by checking the animals’ state of health while out on the mountain pastures.
Each malga has also restaurant, inn or farm holiday services; so that shepherds can supplement their salary with tourist incomes. In this way, pastoral activities – that have unfortunately decreased over the whole Alpine arc - are offered better hopes to survive.

Management of Collective Heritage

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