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Author: Giuseppe Richebuono
Title: Cenni storici sulle Regole d'Ampezzo
Year: 2001 (II edizione riveduta)
Price: 10,00 Euro

This book is recommended to all those who are approaching the history of the Regole for the first time. The author gives a concise portrait of the Ampezzo Regole through ten centuries of history . The specific events of the community are analysed in relation to the great historical events. It has been for years the best selling book for those who begin studying the Regole

Author: Luciano Cancider
Title: Storia dell'Ospizio Osteria di Ospitale d'Ampezzo
Year: 2000
Price: 6,50 Euro

History reminds us of the importance that the people gave to this place and its building and of how it changed throughout the centuries: an old hospice at first it became an inn for travellers and carters who made it the hub to exchange goods . In the late 19th century it was transformed into an ambitious hotel to host the first foreign tourists and has now become a renowned restaurant serving excellent local specialities.

Author: Stefano Lorenzi
Title: La gente d'Ampezzo nel ventunesimo secolo
Year: 2001
Price: 5,00 Euro

The population of Cortina d’Ampezzo is drastically decreasing in number , as is the number of the Regolieri. This demographic research work examines the local socio-economical variables in the last thirty years and suggests some possible solutions for the next decades.

Author: a cura di Carlo Gandini
Title: Pietro Alverà - Cronaca di Ampezzo nel Tirolo
Year: 2002
Price: 16,00 Euro

Transcription by Carlo Gandini of the manuscript “Cronaca d’Ampezzo in Tirolo”, written by Pietro Alverà "de chi de Pòl" (1854-1927); fruit of many years of study on the past history of the Ampezzo valley.

Author: a cura del Centro Culturale Regole d'Ampezzo
Title: Orjo, faa e lin. Un'agricoltura di montagna
Year: 2002
Price: 4,00 Euro
Free download PDF (9 MB)

The booklet deals with the past of the Ampezzo valley, when families lived on farming and cattle breeding: field ploughing, harvesting, threshing, flax weaving and the use of the cultivated products in the preparation of dishes.

Author: Paolo Giacomel
Title: Arrivederci. Aufwiedersehen Cortina d'Ampezzo. 1915-1939 cimiteri di guerra.
Year: 1997
Price: 14,00 Euro

Aufwiedersehen (goodbye) was curved out by Austrian soldiers on the beam at the entrance of the military cemetery of the Fanes valley. This is the keyword that has guided the author in his search for military cemeteries and other transformations left by the Great War on Cortina’s territories. The rich and still unpublished photographic evidence is testimony to the life and tragic epilogue of those who fought the war on the Dolomites.

Author: Giuseppe Richebuono
Title: Il Castello di Botestagno in Ampezzo
Year: 1994
Price: 7,50 Euro

The Castle of Botestagno, probably erected around the year 1000, was occupied by the captains of the patriarch of Aquileia until 1420, by the Captains of the Venice Republic until 1511 and later by the lieutenants of the Austrian Emperor until its ruin in the late 1700. For centuries it was a strategic defence on the unavoidable transit over the Felizon stream. Nowadays, only few ruins of the old basement of the castle remain on the top of the rock

Author: Fiorenzo Filippi
Title: Atlante del territorio silvo-pastorale delle Regole e del Comune di Cortina d'Ampezzo
Year: 1985
Price: 20,00 Euro

The forests and pastures of the Ampezzo valley are illustrated in 58 plates (UNI format 21x29.7 cm) with particular attention to the original placenames, whose complete list is found in the appendix. The atlas opens with an introduction on the varied aspects of Cortina’s territory: climate, geology and subject to landslides.

Author: a cura del Comitato del Vocabolario delle Regole d'Ampezzo
Title: Vocabolario Ampezzano-Italiano
Year: 1986
Price: 20,00 Euro

Fruit of many years of research of a group of people speaking the Ampezzo language, the dictionary is a useful instrument for those who wish to understand or enrich the language

Author: a cura del Comitato del Vocabolario delle Regole d'Ampezzo
Title: Vocabolario Italiano-Ampezzano
Year: 1997
Price: 20,00 Euro

The dictionary Italian-Ampezzano offers a living language , rich with the ancient traditions, but adapted to today’s speech. It is a useful tool both for those who do not know the Ampezzo language and those who wish to improve their expressive means.

Author: a cura del Comitato Grammatica delle Regole d'Ampezzo
Title: Grammatica ampezzana
Year: 2003
Price: 14,00 Euro

The volume on the Ampezzo grammar is mainly addressed to those who wish to understand a vital language , still used by the community, but mastered only by few persons. Grammar invites to reflect upon the Ampezzo language and discover its complexity and its rules

Author: Francesca Ghedina
Title: Contributo allo studio della toponomastica di Cortina d'Ampezzo
Year: 1998
Price: 4,00 Euro

It is the publication of a degree thesis in glottology (Academic Year 1949-50). The work examines the placenames of the valley floor, which have been forgotten today due to the abandonment of agricultural activities. The volume is embellished by vintage photographs taken from the archives, which prompt a comparison with today’s landscape.

Author: a cura del Centro Culturale Regole d'Ampezzo
Title: Dal bósco a ra sìa. Il bosco ampezzano tra storia e tradizione
Year: 2000
Price: Sold out
Free download PDF (13 MB)

Historical, scientific, and ethnographic outlines on forest management and the use of wood are told through documents, objects and images to remind us that the forests that we admire today for they colours and varieties are the fruit of a wise, age-long management.

Author: a cura del Centro Culturale Regole d'Ampezzo
Title: Da ra mónte a ra stala. Allevamento e fienagione nella tradizione ampezzana
Year: 1999
Price: Sold out
Free download PDF (12 MB)

The ethnographic booklet illustrates the annual cycle of traditional country life in the Ampezzo valley: pastures, the hay season, the return of the livestock to their cowshed. The text is complemented by scientific chapters on high altitude prairies and fodder production and is enriched with old sayings which refer to weather and farming.


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