The Highlights of the Regole's History

1225 Earliest document mentioning the Regole

1235 Earliest Statutes of Cadore

1237 Earliest document of the Regola of Falzarego

1338 The Statute of Cadore becomes effective

1356 Earliest Laudo of the Regola of Falzarego and Ambrizola

1363 Earliest Laudo of the Regola of Lareto

1415 The Regola of Lareto acquires Lerosa and Intravenanzes

1420 End of Aquileia patriarchate. Ampezzo under the rule of Venice. Second Laudo of Lareto

1444 Second Laudo of Ambrizola

1471 Border demarcation with Marebbe

1475 Earliest Laudi of the Regole Basse

1511 Botestagno is conquered. Ampezzo pays homage to emperor Maximilian

1521 Treaty of Worms: Ampezzo is given to Austria

1523 Ferdinand I ratifies Ampezzo Statutes

1582-1589 Border demarcation with San Vito

1752 Border demarcation with Auronzo and SanVito

1806 Ampezzo and Tyrol under Bavaria

1810 Ampezzo is given to Napoleon reign

1813 Ampezzo back to Austria

1853 Austria cancels grazing and wood gathering rights

1887 "Meeting" between the Regole and the Town Council

1915 Cortina is occupied by Italian troops

1917 The Austrians are back to Cortina

1918 Ampezzo is occupied by the Italian troops and becomes part of the Reign of Italy

1923 Royal Decree (30th Dec, 1923; no. 3267)

1950 The ASCoBA is founded: a special association for the temporary management of agricultural, sylvan, and pastoral properties.

1957-59 Transactions between the Regole and the Town Council of Cortina d’Ampezzo. The historical patrimony of forests and pasturelands goes back to the Regole

1971 Law on the mountains (3rd Oct, 1971; no 1102)

1972 Official opening of the Ciasa de ra Regoles (2nd July, 1972)

1973 Cancellation of the ASCoBA

1975 Regional law (3rd May, 1975; no 48): amendment concerning the temporary tourist use of the Regole’s property.

1985 Laudo currently in force

1990 The Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites is created over part of the territory of the Regole 
(r.l. 22nd Mar, 1990; no21)

1994 Law on the mountains (31st Jan, 1994; no 97)

1996 Regional law (19th Aug, 1996; no 26) reorganization of the Regole

2017 Italian Law (20th Nov, 2017,  no 168). Provisions on collective ownership.

"Their way of living and interacting,

that is understanding and performing their political, financial, and social relationships,

is something the people of Ampezzo have been building over centuries of experience.

Unfortunately, experience is an asset that cannot be passed on nor synthetically reproduced."

Indro Montanelli