The Museums of the Regole

Regole d'Ampezzo own three museums and carry out cultural activities aimed at promoting and safeguarding the historical, scientific, and linguistic heritage of the Ampezzo community.

The Modern Art Museum

The "Mario Rimoldi" Modern Art Museum was created in 1974. The rich art collection was donated to  Regole d'Ampezzo by Rosa Braun, widow of  art collector and hotel owner Mario Rimoldi. The collection has been judged of "cultural interest" by the  Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, as the fruit of Rimoldi's collecting activities: which developed over fifty years and represent one of the foremost expressions of the Twentieth century Italian painting. The museum houses a number of masterpieces by Savinio, Garbari, Depero, Guttuso and some conspicuous  nuclei which are essential to understand and study the art of  de Pisis, Sironi, De Chirico, Semeghini, Tomea, Tosi, and Campigli.

The Museum is housed in the building known as Ciasa de ra Regoles, in the heart of Cortina d'Ampezzo, on popular Corso Italia, next to the Parish Church.

The Palaeontology Museum

The "Rinaldo Zardini" Palaeontology Museum was opened in August 1975. Its glass showcases contain millions of years of history of life on Earth: marine creatures that, petrified by time, testify to the geological and morphological evolution of these mountains. The museum showcases one of the largest existing collections of fossils from the Triassic. The fossils were found around Cortina d'Ampezzo by Rinaldo Zardini who systematically collected megalodonts, shells of marine invertebrates, corals, sponges, and numerous other animals. These fossils testify to the far-distant  period of time when a large warm sea covered the area where Cortina and its beautiful mountains are now found. 

The Museum is housed in the Alexander Girardi Hall Cultural Centre, at 1, via dei Marangoi – Pontechiesa in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

The Ethnographic Museum

The "Regole d'Ampezzo" Ethnographic Museum focuses on the activities of Regole d'Ampezzo, the century-old common heritage of Cortina d'Ampezzo. Through a selection of objects and images, the museum documents some important aspects of the Ampezzo community: the heritage of traditions, the collective management of forests and pastures, and the century-old relationship of Man with the natural environment. The exhibition emphasizes: the ancient decisions and choices, made by past generations, that have preserved the landscape of forests and pastures that we admire today; the collective management of the common heritage that, over the centuries, has been the main source of sustenance for the Ampezzo community; and, finally, it  shows that this ancient institution is still recognized and successfully operating in our times. 

The Museum is housed in the renovated sawmill owned by Regole d'Ampezzo adjacent to the Alexander Girardi Hall Cultural Centre at Pontechiesa in Cortina d'Ampezzo.